Jose Pasillas Art - Rhythm Square
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Rhythm Square
by Jose Pasillas, 2015

Sunset in Moscow's Red Square is the subject of this piece. Photographed during Incubus' travels in 2015, the work showcases a memorable part of the band's history. Interesting to note, the dark silhouettes seen in the center of work are actually the result of mirrored hihats and rhythm capturing fused into the photograph.

Measuring 40"x 30" on canvas, there are only 35 in the edition of Rhythm Square. All are numbered and indvidually signed by Jose Pasillas. Artwork ships with signed Certificate of Authenticity from SceneFour.

• Measures 40"x 30"
• Giclee on Canvas
• Edition of 35
• Numbered and signed by Jose Pasillas
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

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