About The Artist

Jose Pasillas has led an extraordinary creative journey. As the founding drummer of Incubus, Pasillas has sold millions of records, toured the world many times, and provided some of the most recognizable rhythms in modern rock. As a fine artist, he has dedicated significant time to explore, produce and release visual work in a multitude of mediums. Pen and ink, paint, stencil, and digital art are just a few of the methods he’s utilized in his artwork.

He’s also one of the pioneers in a medium led by drummers dubbed “rhythm-on-canvas”. As many saw in his 2013 release “Abstract + Rhythm Landscapes”, Pasillas showcased how utilizing drumsticks that light, much like a painter uses paint brushes, can produce unique abstract visuals. Pasillas’ 2013 collection holds the unique place of the fastest selling collection in art publisher SceneFour’s history.

With the new Rhythm of Life collection, Pasillas is unveiling 13 new works, highly limited in edition size, to the world. This collection is a true fusion of mediums and a highly personal release too. Taking imagery from Pasillas’ travel as well as locations near his home, the artwork featured incorporates photography, rhythmic art, and several works also include elements done in pen/ink before being laid to canvas.